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SmallBusinessAdvice.com is the first place on the web where the startup or the ongoing business owner can find all the resources needed to help make their business a profitable success.
Offering everything from monthly newsletters on timely business trends and tax tactics, to the Resource Center a large library of publications covering the ongoing needs of the small business owner.
Ask The advisor, opens access to professional advice on specific questions. Financing, hiring, and long term planning are some of the items that require unique solutions and resources for each business. Ask the Advisor provides this assistance to each entrepreneur based on the businesses circumstances. https://smallbusinessadvice.com/ask-the-advisor/
Please take a few minutes to explore the site. We are confident you will find what you need to answer your questions. If not, please write us at: info@smallbisinessadvice.com. We are here to help.

JOSEPH GELB, CPA and Attorney at Law
Founder and Chief Executive Office
Small Business Advisors, Inc.®
2005 Park Street                                                                                                                                                                  Atlantic Beach, NY 11509
Tel: 516-374- 1387 Fax: 516-374- 1175
Email : joe@SmallBusinessAdvice.com

Joe is a practicing attorney and CPA. His many credentials include, past President of the Hewlett Business Association (Chamber of Commerce), Treasurer of the Nassau County, N.Y. Research Library Board and a member of the Long Island University Advisory Board (C.W. Post campus).
Building on his experience, as founder and managing partner of a medium size CPA firm, that focused on the needs of small businesses, Joe created SmallBusinessAdvice.com.

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