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Financing Solutions

Financing solutions, to be considered include:
Term Loans

Term loan vary for various periods of time and start at $10,000 with variable interest rates tied to prime and limited or no prepayment penalties. 100% financing is considered.

Use of proceeds can include:

• Expanding or acquiring a business
• Purchasing of equipment
• Financing business expenses
• Purchasing of owner-occupied real estate
• Leasehold improvements
• Refinancing existing business debt

Loan terms can be:

• 10 years for general business purposes
• 15 years to purchase equipment
• 25 years for acquisition or refinancing of commercial real estate

Industry type of your business should be:

• Multi-use real estate
• Special purpose properties
• Gas stations/Convenience stores
• Retail
• Service businesses

Merchant Cash Advance

Cash advance is the purchase of a merchant’s credit card receivables at a discount. The merchant, can sell a specific amount of future credit card sales in exchange for upfront capital. This program provides cash to grow and strengthen your business.

Benefits include:

• Availability of capital needed to sustain, grow, and develop business for merchants who are ineligible for traditional financing
• There is no requirement to put up your home or business as collateral
• Funds are available in as little as 5 business days and requires a fraction of the paperwork
• There are no upfront fees or closing costs

A cash advance is an ideal funding solution for small to medium-sized businesses that need:

• Capital injection can range from $5,000 to $250,000
• To grow your business, open locations, or advertise
• To expand inventory
• To improve facilities
• To pay taxes
• To pay for operating expenses
• To get through slow periods (great for businesses with seasonality or cyclicality)

Accounts Receivable Financing

A/R financing is an asset-based financing arrangement in which businesses use their receivables as collateral in exchange for cash. The financing begins at $50,000 to a maximum of $1,500,000.

A/R financing is a means for businesses to accelerate cash flow by selling their open invoices. Businesses receive cash in advance of payments from their customers, typically within 30, 60, or 90 days, providing needed capital to meet operational overhead.

Program highlights include:

• Advances of up to 90% of invoice amount
• Accommodates monthly sales volumes of $50k – $1.5 million
• Greater flexibility than conventional financing
• Typically, can close within two weeks of application

Benefits of Accounts Receivable Financing include:

• Continuous source of operating capital – unlike other types of financing, A/R Financing focuses on your sales, not your balance sheet. As sales increase, more working capital becomes available to meet the demands of operating your business. A/R Financing provides a continuous, long-term source of funds on a short-term basis.
• Early payment discounts – A/R Financing can provide you with the funds necessary to pay suppliers early and receive discounts.
• No debt – Because A/R Financing is not a term loan, no debt is incurred which makes it easier to obtain other types of financing.
• Quick and easy funding – the A/R Financing application process typically takes less time and effort than other forms of financing.
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