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Small Business Advisors, Inc. has created a program that offers Libraries and its members, access to all its products and services for a minimal fee.

Each library pays a yearly fee of $45.00 by check. Every member will have access, while at the library, to a growing Resource center of over 200 articles, covering 24 critical business categories.

In addition, each member can download their own copy of our monthly newsletters, THE SMALL BUSINESS ADVISOR® and TAXTACTICS©.

If a member is not able to find an answer to their question in any of our comprehensive articles, he can submit that question, at no charge, to “ASK ADVISOR”.

The user will receive an answer prepared by a professional member of our team whose knowledge and experience can best provide a solution to the user’s inquiry.

Other than the yearly fee, THERE ARE NO FEES TO THE LIBRARY OR THEIR MEMBERS for our above services.

If you have any questions please call our president Joe Gelb, CPA. Attorney at Law at 516-374-1387.

Joseph Gelb, JD/CPA

User Registration Form (LIBRARIANS): Click here for your Form

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